Sunday, May 11, 2008

Expressions - Primitive Reduction

Just thought I'd post on the latest changes to the OIL framework, part of the Abstraction framework.

Recently I wrote a mini evaluator for the primitive expressions inside the system. This way if you had a statement that, for whatever reason, utilized literal mathematical expressions, it would properly reduce them in such a way that the resulted code would contain the least possible execution to get the same result.

I'll probably have to go and rewrite it, but here's an example:
-(((float)8) / 9 * (33 + 4) * 9 / 99 * -(3 + 9))

The code above is pretty trivial, naturally someone would be really silly to do that in code, and even the C# Compiler reduces that to the following: 35.87879F

The process to reduce the expression is simple, since I've structured OIL to mimic the order operations found in most languages. To handle the operations, it merely goes through and checks if each expression and sub-expression can be reduced. If it can, it reduces.

There's a loop to handle multiple passes that pegs out at 100 runs, in case there's a bug in the code. Once I've verified that it works solidly, I'll remove the cap.
Look familiar? 35.87879.

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