Sunday, August 5, 2012

And then... I did it again

After a few years of writing the project, I have to overhaul one of its major aspects: the CLI typing model.  The reasons for this are simple: there are aspects of the CLI typing model that not even the run-time exemplifies properly.  Types which represent an array with lower bounds present, or sizes present.  The existence of types which are a method signature.  The run-time type information lists these simply as: fnptr.
When the tools available don't suffice: roll your own.  So in a major effort, in March this year I started working on a CLI metadata parser.  So far it's come a long way and the parsing is complete, the goal now is to rewrite the CLI type system so that it more closely matches the actual ECMA-335 spec.

Here I thought I was close to starting the compiler.  Naive.

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